Cat Eye

Felis Flamus

All the spirit and energy, without all the work.
Cat Eye
What's Happening
Central Valley Precompression 2012 Cuddle Shuttle

Central Valley Precompression 2012

CH/Biff Dome
Fire Prep Music Prep
Jenaynay Joyful/Yvonne Joyful/Kip
Fire Pit Starlight/CH Jen/Biff
Felis Flamus Flame Thrower
Log Art
Ynot Spin Ynot Spin
Smeed Spin Fire Show
The Man
Lizzy Spin Joy's B-Day

The Building of the Cuddle Shuttle

Journey to the Moon

From this.

Before After


Marty/Bobcat Smeed Engine Compartment
sCary moving the cab Cab half off Cab off

....Wing Demo (For the Aluminum)....

Starlight/Cat Herder drilling a gazillion rivets CH/sCary - so friggin' cute Open Wing


New Steering Dale Fabricating Marty

........and the Art!

Marty/Mike Rolling Taking Shape More Like a Rocket
Sittin or Workin Frame Building Lookin More Like a Wagon
sCary Welding Front Back
On Playa Renovation On Playa Renovation