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Felis Flamus

Cat Eye

Think You Want To Camp With Us?

Felis Flamus (formerly Aluminum Pansy) is a mostly Fresno- and Bay Area-based camp. We went thru the placement process in 2007, our first year, but have since chosen to locate ourselves in the independent camping areas.

We do not charge camp dues, nor do we expect any definitive amount of work from anyone. But we do encourage everyone to participate in the building of our camp in whatever way they are moved to do so. As a result of this attitude, our cup runneth over. We attract and are graced with a bunch of awesome folks.

We offer camp shade, a camp shower, cold draft beer, burn barrels and playatech, light art, and the Cuddle Shuttle. Please read the Cat Herder's 2012 pre-playa rant for additional insight into how we tend to operate.

If you think you want to camp with us, we would like to meet you, so plan to attend either our fall decompression party in the Bay Area, or our spring precompression party in Fresno. You can contact us by email or join our Yahoo group at