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My Recommended Sites

I only recommend sites with whom I've done business (or in the case of open source software or services, used their products), and with whom I've had an extraordinary experience.

Pet Medical Center and Spa

The employees at this vet and day care facility, including the vet herself, Dr. Sharon Johnston, fawned over my dog, Sam, as though he were their own, which alone would not incline me to feel that they rate my recommendation. It was, rather, their communication, service, and follow-up.

I took Sam in for an annual check-up, which is required by Therapy Dogs International, of which we are members. In addition, I had a free gift certificate for an annual exam which included a fecal test and vaccinations, but it did not include a heartworm test, which was also required by TDI. His vaccinations were current, and Michele, the vet's assistant, offered to substitute the test in place of the vaccinations that we did not need, so I still had to pay nothing. In addition, she offered to mail TDI's form to me once his results were in. Dr. Johnston was down on the floor with him during her entire examination, something I have never seen a vet do. And there was no hard sell on any additional services. I received two phone calls the following day from their office, one from Michele reporting his test results, and a second from another employee simply asking how he was doing. Truly above and beyond considering there was nothing really wrong with him.

Titanium Wish

Titanium Wish stands behind it's products and is interested in happy customers.

I ordered a men's wedding band, and when I received it, was disappointed. The gemstones didn't show up like they did on the web site. I called their customer support number, and told them about it. They offered me a couple of options. They could try to set the gemstones higher, or if that didn't work, they would upgrade to a slightly larger gemstone and charge me their cost. I sent the ring back, and ended up paying the very reasonable charge for the larger stones. When I got the ring back, I was very happy with the results.


Aiptek stands behind it's products and is interested in happy customers.

I bought an Aiptek digital camera at Walmart. A year or so later, the view screen would no longer display anything. I called Aiptek, got an RMA, and mailed it back to them. They ended up shipping me a brand new camera, no charge.


Aptana offers an outstanding open source web development editor called Aptana Studio.

This software offers syntax completion, automatic ending tags, error detection, and other features that make it a good web development tool, especially for beginners who intend to become advanced.

Central State Septic

If you live in the Fresno area, and are in need of septic services, I highly recommend Central State. They deliver not only quality septic services, but also teach and advise their customers about their systems.

Scott Water Well Service

If you live in the Fresno area, and are in need of well services, I highly recommend Scott Water Well Service. Scott does a great job of keeping your water system running in tip-top shape with preventive work, his response time is great, his rates are reasonable, and he once talked me through a simple fix over the phone, getting my pump back online quickly without a service call.

Cramsey Concrete, Inc.

We hired Kenny Cramsey to pour a 15' x 48' concrete slab for a new outbuilding we were putting up. He ALWAYS showed up when he said he would, was on the job with his crew every day, let his crew go and stayed late himself when his sand truck ran late, did an excellent job on the slab, and charged us a very reasonable price, including an 18" ramp at cost, which we added after the original bid was submitted.

Suburban Propane

Always good service and a friendly attitude.

Dave Ramsey

A sane voice in troubled times. First step on the road to wealth? Pay off all of your debt as quickly as possible. Dave faithfully teaches, cheerleads, supports, and provides hope to people whose lives are in a mess of their own making, without judgment. His advice is some of the soundest I have heard anywhere.

Craig's List

Craig's List has become a valuable tool, especially in this economy, by providing free online classified ads at a local level. Craig's List has contributed to the environment by paving the way to more re-use. It helps thousands who are struggling financially find those few extra dollars we need by making it easy to sell off our toys, find a roommate, or buy used instead of new.

B.J.'s Brewery

Great beer, great food, great service, great atmosphere, especially at the Fresno location, where the bartenders almost always know your name and what you drink.


Freehostia offers a free web hosting account, with no forced advertising and many great features that make it as good as many paid services. You can either register your domain name with them, or if you don't have one, you can choose a free subdomain. A great way to get started if you're new to web development. And if you're successful enough to outgrow your free account, they have a very reasonable upgrade policy.


StatCounter offers a free, reliable, easy-to-use hit counter with real-time detailed web stats and no forced ads.